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Titan Pool Update: Last Week’s Mining Performance

An overview of Titan Pool’s key data and metrics

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2 min readOct 31, 2022

Blocks found and median round effort

Last week was one of the best ever for the Titan Pool. We were able to record three blocks on the Bitcoin Blockchain.

  • Block #760216 (10/25), with a total block reward of 6.35922769 BTC, of which 0.10922769 BTC were transaction fees.
  • Block #760276 (10/25), with a total block reward of 6.54494591 BTC, of which 0.29494591 were transaction fees.
  • Block #760574 (10/27), with a total block reward of 6.40075663 BTC, of which 0.15075663 were transaction fees.

The current round effort is currently 78.03%, with our last block mined 3 days ago. Moreover, the median pool effort has now dropped to 114%.

Round effort is calculated as the sum of submitted difficulty since the last pool mined block divided by the current network difficulty.. This metric provides insights on how much work a pool should submit to find a block. A round effort under 100% means it took less work than statiscally needed to find a block and vice versa.

Average pool hashrate

Our pool averaged 479.75 PH/s last week, and is currently sitting at 187.71 PH/s. This places the Titan Pool in the 19th place in the top mining pools by hashrate according to MiningPoolStats.

Bitcoin mined

Last week, Titan Pool mined a total of 19.30493023 BTC ($393,819.96).

After the last 3 blocks, Titan Pool has mined a total of 133.06324635 BTC ($2,714,490.22).

Pool reserve status

Titan is committed to upholding Bitcoin’s core values, among which is transparency. As a result, our miners can access real-time data about our mining pool’s reserves. This is a short summary written from the source data available on

The Titan Pool balance is currently sitting at 18.004779 BTC, with a custodied amount of 1.705251 BTC that will be distributed to miners during the next payout on 10/31/2022, 11:00 PM UTC.

This means the pool is currently operating under the FPPS settlement method.

TL;DR: Titan Pool Weekly Performance

  • Blocks found last week: 3
  • Latest block found: #760574 (10/27)
  • Titan Pool’s average weekly hashrate: 479.75 PH/s
  • Titan Pool’s current hashrate: 187.71 PH/s
  • Rewards distributed last week: 6.32951647 BTC ($129,763.69)
  • Total rewards distributed: 107.88946047 BTC ($2,211,880.67)
  • Pool reserve balance: 18.004779 BTC

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